Top Reasons For Federal Agencies to Hire a Background Screening Company

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Many candidates applying for federal posts fabricate resumes and job applications, including their qualifications, certifications and personal details. Last year the deputy assistant secretary in the U.S. The State Department was accused of embellishing work & educational credentials. 

Because of incorrect details, many federal agencies end up hiring unqualified people, which can have severe consequences. A comprehensive background inspection becomes all the more important before onboarding any candidate.  

Federal agencies may find it difficult to invest their critical resources investigating every candidate. Fortunately, there are background check service providers that present every minute detail of your prospective hire before your human resource department dispatch the official offer letter. 

Read on as We Discuss Many Reasons to Outsource Pre-Employment Screening.

1. They’re Experts

There is so much to learn about backgrounding screening, from strict state regulations to identifying falsified education details. 

Organizations that take care of background investigation in-house rarely have the experience and expertise to conduct it like a professional third-party screening company. 

Pre-employment screening is way beyond calling the references provided by the candidate. It’s about analyzing the individual’s performance at their previous organization to determine their integrity, honesty, and fairness in whatever they have done so far. 

This will ensure any federal agency doesn’t end up hiring someone who has earlier indulged in fraudulent activities or is incompetent for the job. A trusted screening agency will work with your H.R. department to provide answers to even the minutest query and doubts they have regarding a candidate. 

2. Legal Compliance

Federal agencies have to adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), along with state guidelines to hire someone in multiple states of the U.S. 

If your company doesn’t follow these guidelines, you might have to face negligence hiring charges or even a legal lawsuit. And a lawsuit can considerably damage market reputation — not to mention the time and money it will cost you. 

You can stay clear of these legal hassles by outsourcing the screening process to a specialist. They’ll safely & securely conduct pre-employment screening to meet the industry needs and specific legal regulations.

3. Save Time 

Investigating a potential candidate’s criminal history can be exhausting. In case the candidate has previously worked in multiple US states, it means reaching out to multiple judicial outlets to gather relevant information for verification.

Now, when you consider travel, time, & other valuable resources, background screening is too complicated to handle on its own for a federal agency. 

When you hire a professional background screening company, you free your H.R. team’s time & energy and allow you to focus more important activities. 

4. Comprehensive Background Checks 

Comprehensive background checks conducted by a professional screening company help federal agencies gain better insights into who you are hiring for critical job positions. Here are the three key components of a full-profile background check:

  • Reviewing Public Records: Searching Statewide & country public, court, and criminal records.
  • Identity Verification: Checking the social security number or previous address history.
  • Conducting Educational Verification: Verifying professional and educational certificates mentioned in the applicant’s resume. 

The degree of comprehensive background check performed can be tailored based on the federal department and position. 

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