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No Poor Hiring —Hire People, Right For Your Company

Hiring mistakes are common but can prove costly for your company.  And Ace Background Checks can help you save big dollars on hiring people with suspicious professional and personal background.

 We provide the best background check services for businesses of all sizes and across industry verticals.  

Our software screens national database for

  • Education
  • Employment History
  • Reference Checks
  • Criminal Records
  • Drug History
  • Driving Performance

 Do you need more details on someone’s identity? We can customize a background screening report for different roles and regulations of any industry.

 Fast and efficient, we ensure job positions are closed sooner, business reputation remains intact and you can enjoy complete peace of mind.  

 Partner with one of the best background screening service companies California’s businesses trust. 


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Reducing the risk of being a landlord

How confident are you of the people you are renting your house or property space to a business? If you’ve doubts or want to be doubly sure, our background check services have got you covered.

We screen tenant applications on the basis of their

  • Personal checks
  • Landlord and employment references
  • Rental evictions
  • Criminal background checks

Do not go by the face value.  And reach out to us for a detailed background check that verifies if the prospective tenant will care and manage your property and is not bad for your market reputation.

Save your property from becoming a breeding ground of late-night parties, drinking, and countless other criminal activities. Order the best criminal background screening check service from California’s top company.  

What makes Ace Background #1 choice among all background screening companies in California

For small & growing businesses

For different job roles

Federal, state, and county levels database

Complete client confidentiality

FCRA-Compliant Checks

24* 7 Client Support

We stand by our top-quality background check reporting

We run background checks on all public and privileged databases to find relevant information for your perusal. What you receive is a 100% reliable report that mitigates the risk of making poor hiring and tenancy decisions.

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Commonly asked questions

You can order background checks, ranging from a single candidate to hundreds of applicants. Please contact us for the order exceeding 25 background checks.

The cost of an employment background check depends on:

  • the type of screenings
  • the job role/type
  • the size of the company
  • the type of industry

Our standard packages start from as low as $30 to as expensive as $1500 or more. Build your own report to get the exact estimate for the job.

We offer fast turnaround times.  Yet the exact time varies for the type of background screening service you hire us for.  It can take a couple of hours to up to a week.

There are factors beyond our control. 

For instance, some background checks require us to contact some organizations personally and thus it may take extra time to get the complete information.

Also, many counties do not have digitized information and that requires manual searches to find the data. 

Yes, you can. Ordering a background check on yourself and attaching the report while applying for a job helps employers to get instant confirmation of the records and builds instant trust.

 Also, it expedites the hiring process, thus saving the time of yours as well as your potential employers. 

Employers use background checks to verify the information provided by a candidate in their job application. Employers search for candidates they can count on for maintaining the reputation of the company on the premises and online.

 Standard background checks from employers include verification of

  • Identity 
  • Education
  • Employment history
  • Civil records
  • Professional license if the job role demands
  • Driving records if the job role demands
  • Drug screening depends on the company policy
  • Social media checks

 Some background checks are typical of a particular job and its industry.  So, the number of background checks may exceed the aforementioned list.

Hiring the best background check service can be rewarding.

For businesses and landlords. 

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